OFFF 2008 in Lisbon

Last week I visited the OFFF-conference in Lisbon. This conference has become a meeting place for 2500 people, that are interested in the post-digital creation culture. In other words, motion graphics, flash design, digital installations an art projects.

In the last years we saw more exotic technical platforms, like Production, as a base for many of these offline digital projects. Now they are almost all done on the Flash platform, thanks to the new scripting engine for AS3.
With a very modest presence from Microsoft’s Silverlight platform, we can probably expect more effort from that side, to lurk the highly creative digital artists, into their camp.

It’s not a new trend in the world of advertising, to put the entertainment value of your message above the marketing value. But this trend is becoming a lot more prominent in the projects that are shown here.
The consumer chooses what message he wants to see, and if he is not entertained, you will only make a slim chance to get your message trough.
This is a good trend for people that like to put entertainment in advertising projects 🙂


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