Silver CCB Award for Best Website

Last Friday I won a Silver CCB award in the category “Best Website”, for the project  “The First Printed Website”.
The website needed to demonstrate the ease of use of the Dymo Label writer. What better way then to use the label writer itself,  in combination with its most common mediums,  for the interfaces in this website.

The CCB Award ceremony honors the best advertising campaigns in Belgium,  so I’m glad this rather modest project, that didn’t even target the Belgian market initially, still got picked up by the jury.  

I was responsible for the Concept and the Art Direction, and I did a great part of the production too.  I am even the hand-actor in all of the footage used for the site. 🙂 The video production was done by my good friend Jonas.

You can see the case movie here.

My contract with Proximity ended last week, so this is a nice farewell gift for them. Unless of course we get a grand finale in Cannes later this month.   
“Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.”  –  Morpheus

(please note that this project and award is property of proximity bbdo, all my work on this project was done when under contract with this agency, i don’t hold any rights in regard to this project)
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