Presenting at E-Mental Health Summit

E-Mental Health Summit

Last week I got the opportunity to present the Suicide Prevention 2.0 project to the international E-Mental Health community in Amsterdam. The conference was held in the amazing Beurs van Berlage. Last time I was in that building was 10 years ago, when I attended the last European Flash Forward Festival. I wouldn’t have imagined back then, that I would be presenting myself ten years later, to a room full of mental health professionals.

First, I was wondering whether I was going to be able to grab people’s attention with only preliminary findings, at the moment. But that turned out all fine, because most other attendees hadn’t yet made much action toward the problems of suicide related content online. Beside the fact that they are all mental health professionals, the attendees had a very open mind to technology and the online possibilities. I learned a lot from my fellow presenters from the Netherlands and Israel.

There was much attention for 2.0 media, and web-based interventions. The Netherlands is years ahead when it comes to that. I can only hope our government will very soon see the advantages and possibilities too.

The most interesting presentation, and conversation over lunch, came from another person that wasn’t really a mental health professional. Luciano Floridi is a professor in philosophy from Oxford, although with an Italian background. The most interesting view he presented was, to see the body as an interface, and no longer as a piece of biological machinery. In a time where people use interfaces more than ever before, and where people are more and more transcending their personalities online, this is a very cool paradigm. Certainly for someone like me, making a living with the design and development of interfaces.

For more information on the Prevention 2.0 project, you are more than welcome to attend the Symposium on december 4th 2009.

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