Build a kick-ass flash pinball game in 20 easy steps

Last summer I was commissioned by Tequila/Agency to build a hyper-realistic pinball game, to fit in their launch campaign for the new Nissan Juke. A small SUV city car.

You can see the result on this link
As cool as the end result looks, by my humble opinion, the process of getting here is even cooler (and it’s not even completely finished). Below you can see a small collection of images documenting the production process.

20 easy steps to build an online pinball game

Step 1: Find a really cool vintage pinball machine

Step 2: Get lots of technical info on pinball machines
Step 3: Get your pinball machine to a studio (and find a hammer)
Step 4: Check out inner workings for fire-hazards
Step 5: Clean dirty parts for better electric contacts
Step 6: Learn to trust your pinball machine
Step 7: Disassemble upper parts, and document every part
Step 8: Further disassembly until every part is removed from the playing field
Step 9: Get tracing paper and trace positions of different parts on the playing field
Step 10: Make cardboard versions of upper parts
Step 11: Make paper template of playingfield
Step 12: Make vector version of template
Step 13: Marvelous design by An Gielens from Agency/Tequila based on this template
Step 14: Get some lighting in your studio
Step 15: place a blue key on the playing field
Step 16: place a greenkey on upper parts
Step 17: make some close up shots of the ball interacting with the machine
Step 18: fit a print of the real design on the machine
Step 19: Shoot your pinball machine, and place the design on the blue- and greenkeys. Get a book on Actionscript 3 and make a flash version of the machine.
Step 20: Finally ask the development guys from Agency and Tequila Belgium to build a kick ass interface and website around the game.

Go play this game here:

I know what I did last summer 🙂
Design and Concept by Tequila/Agency Belgium
Campaign made for launch of Nissan Juke in September 2010

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