Presenting Prevention 2.0 at IASP Conference in Rome

Left to right: Jan Mokkenstorm (113Online), Grieke Forceville (CPZ), Jan De Coster (CPZ), Veronique Hoste (University of Ghent)

After several national conferences, and the E-mental Health Congress in Amsterdam last year, I was invited to present the Prevention 2.0 project at the European IASP Conference in Rome, early September. This has given the project a lot of momentum now, and maybe it’s time for a small recap below:

We have to be aware that the flow of messages and information on the internet also includes distress calls, often from people who think of suicide and are seeking help. These people don’t always benefit from the direction of the flow, but need special attention. A calmer flow.

Web 2.0 makes the internet a platform where users can interact with each other. Project Prevention 2.0 responds to this. It arose from the concern that people, especially young people, share their suicidal thoughts through internet social network sites and forums, but do not always receive good responses. Moreover, seeing or reading about suicidal behavior can lower the threshold for other vulnerable young people and raises the risk of imitation. Web 2.0 also provides an opportunity for the young audience, especially young girls who are at risk for suicidal attempts, to get in contact with the Suicide Line without them actively searching for us. The sooner we intervene in the suicidal process, the easier we can guide someone to help-seeking-behavior.

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