Back by popular demand: Company Name Generator

You can give it a try by clicking here.

Back in 2006 I was desperately looking for a name for my studio. At a certain moment I became convinced that that choice could only be made by chance. Or at least, I could the random() function in Action Script help me decide on a studio name.

So I made this simple application that helped me visualize random studio names. And when it was finished I had many happy moments clicking away at the application, looking at the marvelous words flash was producing for me.

The most important thing I learned from this experiment was that the choice of a studio name should NOT be left to chance for me. In fact: the answer was there right in front of me. Not in the words generated by the application, but in the process leading to the production of this application. My studio name became… Slightly Overdone.

Since then I heard that some other people had a lot of fun with the application too. So I brought it back and I enhanced it a little, so you can put your own activity in there. Now you can look for a name for you bakery, grocery store, plumbing business or even a lemonade brand, and I’m sure it’s also very suited for inventing names of Icelandic volcanoes. Have fun, and let me know if you get anything really cool from it.

Start looking for your answers too by clicking here.

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3 Responses to Back by popular demand: Company Name Generator

  1. Simon Clarke says:

    This is pretty cool, I found something with it that I liked to begin producing some web products that I have been planning for a while and this gave me the name for the parent studio

    • jandecoster says:

      Really cool Simon, would you mind sharing the name you found ?

      • Simon Clarke says:

        Certainly will, I just want to get something established under the name before I start spreading it 🙂 I’ll return shortly with some more details, it’s not the most complicated of names, something short and easy to remember yet unique enough to have an available .com domain for it.

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