Cooking @ Multi-Mania 2012

Early this year I was asked to give a presentation on the 22th of May at Multi Mania 2012, by the Adobe Usergroup Belgium. They wanted to know what I had been up to since I gave the last presentation for them a year before. Without any doubt, the highlight of 2011 was certainly  the MINI Fan The Flame campaign by Agency/TBWA, to which I contributed. As you could read earlier, I had built the burn unit and the rope. But in the meantime I was pretty tired of the smell of burning hemp rope, so I got the idea to cook lunch during the lunch-session on stage, while I was giving the rest of my presentation, on the main stage. It was an excellent opportunity to check “live cooking on stage” of my bucket-list.

Many western European carnivores consider the smell of bacon on of the best smells in the world, so that was an easy choice. Also, you can still eat bacon no matter how burned it is.

The bacon didn’t fail. The smell filled the large hall in no time and people were soon wishing they had stayed in line for the lunch outside.

The technical setup was very easy, because I choose to work independent from the internet connection at the venue, with my own WiFi router inside the burn unit. While I was at it, the router could also provide a  connection between my presentation and the clicker in my phone. Off course I wasn’t counting on 800 people trying to connect to the tiny D-link router, so I ended up walking back and forth to my mouse…Another lesson learned.

The first batch of bacon was “done” in less then 10 minutes. Needless to say, and I have to credit my friend Marc for this next one, that it was “Slightly OverDone”.

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