The Jummy Machine

 Today is a big day, as I can finally tell you about the big project I’ve been working on for the last 5 weeks. The Jummy Machine is a robot that moves with over 14 motors, controlled by a MegaDuino board, with a wireless link to a flash interface, which I used to do the “acting” during the shoots. I made this project for Boondoggle and their client Delhaize. The Jummy machine is the star of a website, that teaches children about different kinds of food from around the world. In stead of hiring a 3D artist for this job, they made a very courageous move and decided to build this machine for real. I couldn’t agree more of course. The level of detail I could put into this character can, in a 3D model, only be matched by big studio’s like Pixar. (or maybe with the exception of Rizon 🙂 )

In this project I could combine two of my biggest passions, interactive installations and character design. I will tell you more about the different challenges I faced, during the next weeks, when I complete more making-of video’s and documentation. You can visit the actual campaignsite by Boondoggle here. Watch my making of the portrait below:

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