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The Jummy Machine

 Today is a big day, as I can finally tell you about the big project I’ve been working on for the last 5 weeks. The Jummy Machine is a robot that moves with over 14 motors, controlled by a MegaDuino … Continue reading

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Cooking @ Multi-Mania 2012

Early this year I was asked to give a presentation on the 22th of May at Multi Mania 2012, by the Adobe Usergroup Belgium. They wanted to know what I had been up to since I gave the last presentation … Continue reading

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MINI Fan The Flame: Making of

Ever since I first heard about the Arduino project in 2008, I was waiting for a challenging project with this cool piece of hardware. That challenge finally came in December of 2011. I was riding on my bike trough Mechelen one sunny afternoon in … Continue reading

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Winning prize “Ga Voor Geluk 2010”

Left to right: Jan Toye, Grieke Forceville, Jan De Coster, Marc vande Gucht The organisation “Ga Voor Geluk” (Go for happiness) awarded a prize of 10.000 euro to our project Prevention 2.0 this year. Tonight we received the gigantic cardboard … Continue reading

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Presenting Prevention 2.0 at IASP Conference in Rome

Left to right: Jan Mokkenstorm (113Online), Grieke Forceville (CPZ), Jan De Coster (CPZ), Veronique Hoste (University of Ghent) After several national conferences, and the E-mental Health Congress in Amsterdam last year, I was invited to present the Prevention 2.0 project at the … Continue reading

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Launching national fundraising campaign for suicide prevention

How do you engage people in your message, when they are often not too keen on beeing associated with your brand?
Fundraising is an ideal way to maximize the number of people that can actively participate in the distribution of our message. Supporting suicide prevention trough funding does not carry the risk of people thinking, that you are not all too happy about yourself. It does not bare the same taboo like telling people you support suicide prevention, just as a service to the public. Because that could mean you are speaking from a personal experience, and not just your objective opinion. Continue reading

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Presenting at National Symposium on Health Promotion

Yesterday I presented the preliminary findings of the Prevention 2.0 project at the Vigez Symposium on Health Promotion, at the beautiful venue Lamot, in my hometown Mechelen. The conference was sold out, so a large crowd was waiting for us … Continue reading

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