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The Robot Soul

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, watching a lot of low budget sci fi shows on TV. By lack of comparison, I thought it was very cool that a super awesome space adventure could unfold on a bridge … Continue reading

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Cooking @ Multi-Mania 2012

Early this year I was asked to give a presentation on the 22th of May at Multi Mania 2012, by the Adobe Usergroup Belgium. They wanted to know what I had been up to since I gave the last presentation … Continue reading

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Speaking @ Multi-Mania 2012

I’ve been invited by Adobe User Group Belgium, to give a follow-up presentation on the one I gave last year, about game development and interactive installations. Check out the conference here:

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Launching new website design: Project USpace

I’m very glad to present my new site design today. When you tell everybody to embrace new trends and progress online, it’s very important to practice what you preach. Unfortunately your own website is almost always the last project on … Continue reading

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Silver CCB Award for Best Website

Last Friday I won a Silver CCB award in the category “Best Website”, for the project  “The First Printed Website”. The website needed to demonstrate the ease of use of the Dymo Label writer. What better way then to use … Continue reading

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Open to suggestions

As of today I no longer work at BBDO.   I learned a lot over the last 7 years,  won some great pitches and a fair share of awards, but most importantly: I made a lot of good friends there. … Continue reading

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The influences of an Icon

A few weeks ago I was lucky to be able to visit Lisbon again, for the OFFF conference.  And again it was a real eye opener, not so much on a technical level this time,  but more by talking with … Continue reading

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